Sewer Cleaning & Repairs

Faulty plumbing doesn’t have to ruin your day. Call Garner Plumbing Services for fast and effective sewer cleaning services, and we’ll have your water flushing and draining like it’s supposed to. Request service now or call us at (706) 658-4236. We proudly serve Atlanta and surrounding counties.

Detailed Sewer Cleanout

Our technician will meticulously check your sewer line to diagnose the issue correctly. If we see a lot of grease or debris, we can use a jetter to spray high-powered water to get the grease out of your pipes.

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Sewer Repair

Here are some of the common repairs and replacements that we do:

  • If there’s a tiny break in the right place, we can fix just that one little area of the pipe. In other cases, the pipe or the whole sewer line may need to be replaced.
  • If there are roots in the line, we may be able to cut the roots out with a sewer machine. This is not a guaranteed long-term solution because those roots will grow back with time. But it will allow you to use the bathroom and take showers.
  • If there’s a slight dip or sag in the sewer line, that could be causing sewage buildup. We can repair your line so that it is straight and lets all the waste flush away easily.

Benefits of Sewer Cleaning and Repair:

  • Prevent sewage backup
  • Put a stop to bad smells in your home
  • Get rid of those strange gurgling noises that come from your toilet
  • Discourage mold growth
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When You Need Sewer Cleaning or Repair

  • 1 We will coordinate your schedule with ours and find a good time for our technician to come to your home.
  • 2 We will use specialty tools to check your sewer line to see what’s happening down there.
  • 3 After we discover the source of the problem, we will outline various solutions, give you clear pricing on each one, and answer any questions you may have.
  • 4 After you have approved a solution and price quote, our technician will do whatever it takes to get your main sewer line clear and working properly again.

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Trustworthy Sewer Services

We offer 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our work on our sewer cleaning services. Trust Garner Plumbing Services for excellent plumbing service. Have questions about what water heater is best for your home? Contact us at (706) 658-4236 or request service now. We serve Atlanta and surrounding counties including Gwinnett County, Clarke County, Banks County, Hall County, Jackson County, and Walton County.

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