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The team at Garner Plumbing Services is ready and waiting to get your plumbing in tip-top shape again. From sewer line cleaning to remodeling bathrooms, we provide a wide range of plumbing services that will get your Gwinnett County home running smoothly. Request service or contact us at (706) 658-4236.

Plumbing Solutions

A professional installation is essential to extending the life of your water heater and getting the best performance out of it. Our plumbers know all the ins and outs of repairing your hot water heater and installing a new one.
Do you want to upgrade to a more efficient unit? Tankless water heaters supply endless hot water while being extremely energy efficient. Tankless units do require some specialized care regularly, so we recommend having yours professionally maintained every year.
Our traditional gas-powered tank water heater stores and heats a large amount of water that’s available right away. Our technicians can install new gas water heaters, and if they can repair your old one, they will communicate the costs clearly.
We are your one-stop service for electric water heater repairs and installation. If you want to know more about which hot water heater is right for you, give us a call and we will be glad to review different heaters with you.
Everyone’s water is different, and we see a range of water quality in Peachtree Corners, Lawrenceville, and the rest of Gwinnett County. When you turn to us, we will review filter solutions that are suitable for the water coming into your home.
Are you tired of your toilet making odd gurgling noises? If you want to have a healthy sewer line and not hear your drains gurgle, check out our professional sewer cleaning service.
Addressing leaks around a water heater is crucial to taking care of your home. Any time of day, call us for emergency service if you see your water heater leaking. When we come to your house, we will come to repair it if possible. We can also install a new water heater if that would be a safer option.
We help you get a new septic system installed when you are building a new home or when you need a new one installed. We handle everything from digging the hole and ordering the parts to assembling it in the ground.
An essential part of installing a gas-powered appliance in a new place in your home, our gas line installation service ensures you have a safe place to install your appliance where it will receive enough fuel to work properly.
Since 1993, we’ve been providing emergency plumbing services in Gwinnett County. Every day of the year, 24 hours a day, we are available to fix your plumbing emergencies and get your water working again.
When consumer drain gel won’t get your drains clear, call in a reliable professional to cleanout your drain lines. Then say goodbye to funky smells in your house and blocked kitchen drains.
Rely on us at any time of year to repair your fixtures or update them with modern ones to make your home look more inviting.
When you get your yearly letter that it’s time to test your backflow prevention, we make sure that your water is flowing in the right direction. We can also install a backflow system for you and make repairs.

Construction Services

When you’re constructing a new building, let us make your plumbing one less thing to worry about. We install new plumbing from the belowground phase to the finishing phase with all the fixtures like toilets, sinks, and faucets.
You will be a more successful manager or landlord when you don’t have to deal with plumbing problems all the time. To help you, our licensed plumbers use their experience to install plumbing right the first time.
To improve the function and beauty of your kitchen, we can replace the fixtures and move the layout around for you.
Freshen up your old bathroom. We’ll make it look like new after we’ve replaced the fixtures for you and cleaned up the mess.

Commercial Plumbing

No matter the size of your commercial property, we provide you with the best commercial plumber services in Gwinnett County. We also offer industry-leading guarantees on all our work including clearing drains and repairing pipes.

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We’ve always had excellent service from Garner plumbing. My technician, Pedro, is extremely knowledgeable and so friendly. He has done a great job for us when we needed it. There has been a time or two when he’s had someone else out with him and they’ve done a great job as well. We always call on Garner when we need plumbing work and will continue to do so in the future. I just had them out to snake our showers and reseal a leaking commode. Fair price and quick response time.

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Allison LeachAllison Leach

We trust Garner Plumbing with all of our household needs. Pedro and his crew have completed multiple jobs for us and our friends. We have nothing but excellent things to say about his service and expertise! We have had two whole home water filtering systems installed by Garner and multiple new lines plumbed. When we could not understand why our water bill suddenly became high they came out and were able instantly find the issue and source. Pedro and all of Garner are very responsive and consummate professionals!

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Jim BayerJim Bayer

I called Garner Plumbing last Monday to install my new kitchen faucet. They originally stated they could come last Friday but ended up coming out that same day (last Mon). Timothy was the tech who came out and he did a very thorough and complete job. He took the time to look at the other items I was concerned about in addition to installing my new kitchen faucet. I would highly recommend them and will certainly use them for any plumbing needs in the future. Thank you Timothy and Kimberly for a job well done.

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We offer plumbing services with courtesy and a smile. Garner Plumbing Services proudly serves Gwinnett County, Atlanta, and nearby Clarke County, Banks County, Hall County, Jackson County, and Walton County. We’d love to talk with you about your plumbing, so call us at (706) 658-4236 or request service now.

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