New Construction Plumbing Services

If you’re looking for reliable plumbers who are dedicated to good work, you’ve found them at Garner Plumbing Services. As a family business that’s been serving the Atlanta area since 1993, we make our customers top priority. Request service now or contact us today at (706) 654-5822 with your questions.

New Home Plumbing

Building a new house is exciting. While the walls, floors, and ceilings are the most visible, you want top-notch quality in your plumbing too. Whatever the size and scope of your new home, our licensed plumbers have the know-how and experience to make sure your project keeps flowing in the right direction.

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New Commercial Building Plumbing

Our career plumbers have an in-depth knowledge of commercial plumbing systems and know how to seamlessly connect your plumbing system so it works beautifully. We pair a meticulous eye for detail with meeting current safety standards and regulations for your type of business.

Quality Service Is What You Get

Here’s how our process works:

  • 1 We visit the construction supervisor or general manager, go over the building plans, and find out what you want in your house.
  • 2 Then we create a fair price quote that will consist of everything except for the slab phase (belowground piping). If we supply the fixtures for inside your house, the quote will include those too.
  • 3 We will go over the quote with you item by item and make any changes.
  • 4 Once you approve the quote, we will move forward with the work.
  • 5 Also, we will contact you to choose what style and color of fixtures you want. If we provide the fixtures, there is a one-year warranty on the fixtures. We are happy to install fixtures that you provide, but we will not warranty them.
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Professional Plumbing Installation

There are three basic phases to installing plumbing in a new building:

  1. When the slab phase begins, the building lot has been graded and is flat, or the basement is ready. We dig into the ground to put the pipes at the right level where they will enter and leave the building.
  2. In the rough-in phase, we install everything that goes into the wall such as drains, pipes, valves, and vents.
  3. In the trim phase, we finish everything and connect features like showers and sinks to the plumbing.

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Since 1993, our customers have relied on us for efficient new construction plumbing service in the Atlanta area. Contact us at (706) 654-5822 or request service now. Locally owned and operated, Garner Plumbing Services also proudly serves nearby counties of Gwinnett County, Clarke County, Banks County, Hall County, Jackson County, and Walton County. Got more questions? Check out our FAQs.

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