24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Services

No matter what you need, our emergency plumber is here to help. Since 1993, Garner Plumbing Services has been providing local support to Atlanta and its surrounding counties. Call us at (706) 658-4236 and, if it’s outside business hours, we’ll call you back shortly. We are available 24 hours a day and every day of the year.

Emergency Plumber, Always Available

Pipes bursting, plumbing backing up, the water heater leaking all over the basement – these problems can happen at any time ̶ sometimes at bedtime or when you are expecting guests for the weekend. Our licensed and experienced plumbers are on call to make your home operate like home again.

(706) 658-4236

Our Emergency Plumbing Services

  • 1 Call us right away. If you have a major leak, we can walk you through shutting off your main water shutoff valve or turning off the water supply to a toilet.
  • 2 If you call us outside normal business hours, leave a message. This will be automatically transferred directly to our on-call licensed plumber, who will be in touch with you very soon.
  • 3 He will get your information and ask questions about your plumbing problem.
  • 4 For any emergency, our plumber will come to your home and diagnose the source of the problem. He will give you choices on the emergency repairs that he can make and give you clear pricing on each one.
  • 5 When you have approved the repairs, he’ll do the work and clean up the mess.

Are you in need of plumbing services?

(706) 658-4236

Why Choose Us

Helping you is our priority.

We go above and beyond to keep you safe.

The best selection is with us. We give you multiple options for every service.

Make Informed Choices With Us

When you need 24-hour emergency plumbing services, Garner Plumbing Services is ready and willing to help. Contact us at (706) 658-4236 or request service now. We proudly offer service in Atlanta and nearby counties of Gwinnett County, Clarke County, Banks County, Hall County, Jackson County, and Walton County.

(706) 658-4236

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