Backflow Services

If your backflow isn’t working, you’ve got a problem. Garner Plumbing Services can help. We offer comprehensive backflow services to keep your business’s water clean and safe. For backflow solutions in the Atlanta area, request service or contact us today at (706) 658-4236. We also have an emergency plumber service in case of emergencies.

Backflow Solutions in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area

We are a backflow testing company that is dedicated to healthy water and maintaining your business according to the Safe Drinking Water Act. When you get a letter stating that it’s time to test your facility’s backflow, call us. After we perform the test, we will submit the report to the county or city authorities, letting them know whether your backflow passed or failed the test.

We also offer backflow installation, both basic backflows and medical (RPZ) backflows.

If the backflow is leaking or if it’s not letting the water flow easily out of your business’s plumbing, we can visit and make those repairs.

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Since 1993, Garner Plumbing Services has been helping to keep plumbing working smoothly. Contact us at (706) 658-4236 or request service now. As a local business, we are glad to offer backflow services in Atlanta as well as nearby Gwinnett County, Clarke County, Banks County, Hall County, Jackson County, and Walton County. Got more questions? Check out our FAQs.

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