Multi-Family Construction & Remodeling

If you’re renting multi-family homes, upgrading the kitchens and bathrooms can result in big payoffs. Modern kitchen and bathroom fixtures make your property more attractive. You’ll rent it out faster and possibly be able to increase monthly rent. Turn to Garner Plumbing Services for multi-family construction plumbing in the Atlanta area. Request service today or call us at (706) 654-5822.

How We Can Upgrade the Value of Your Rental Property

Whether you need an apartment plumbing contractor or want to upgrade the value of townhomes or condos, Garner Plumbing Services can help you with remodeling. Update the look of your property with our plumbing services:

  • Replace the faucets for elegant modern ones.
  • Replace old toilets for pristine new ones.
  • Add new fixtures with new water pipes to them.
  • Move things around if you want to remodel the home.
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If you are building a new property, we can help

  1. We meet with the construction supervisor or general manager, go over the plans, and find out what you want in the property.
  2. Then we make a clear, itemized quote that will consist of everything except the underground plumbing in the initial construction phase.
  3. If we supply the fixtures for inside the home, the quote will include those.
  4. We will go over the quote with you item by item and make any changes.
  5. Once you approve the quote, we will move forward.
  6. At the right point, we will consult with you to choose what kind and color of fixtures you want. If we provide the fixtures, there is a one-year warranty on them. We are glad to install fixtures that you provide yourself, but we will not warranty the fixtures in that case.

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Since 1993, landlords have been relying on our multi-family construction plumbing services. Contact us at (706) 654-5822 with all your questions or request service. Garner Plumbing Services proudly serves the great city of Atlanta and surrounding counties including Gwinnett County, Clarke County, Banks County, Hall County, Jackson County, and Walton County.

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