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We Are THE Solution For All Of Your Atlanta Plumbing Problems!

Every home has multiple drains – kitchen drains, bathroom drains, laundry room drains,  floor drains, basement drains, a building’s main drain, etc. When they work smoothly and as designed, life is good; but when there’s a problem?

With a simple maintenance program you can save yourself from costly headaches at the most inopportune times (like, with a house full of people), and ensure your drains run smoothly. And, of course, should the need arise – or back up, as they say – we’ll be there to quickly resolve any drain problem, large or small.

  • Slow drains to full main sewer line replacements; we do it all in drains.
  • Removing potato peels from the kitchen drain trap.
  • High-pressure jetting of grease-chocked kitchen drains.

Kitchen drains, laundry drains, bathroom drains, floor drains, and even main drains and sewer lines are all notorious for backing up. When your drain is plugged, you can expect a quick and quality resolution each and every time, with such services as:

  • A cable to open the line.
  • A camera inserted into the line to ascertain the problem and show you clearly what further steps are necessary. We will provide such services as jetting the line to clear it, or repairing or replacing the line, as necessary, to remove any low spots or bellies in the line where grease and sludge collect and could clog it again.
  • Once the condition of the line has been determined, we will offer the appropriate warranty on our work.


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