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“L” tubing – An industry standard for copper tubing defined by the tube wall thickness and identified by a “blue” strip. Type “L” copper tube wall is approximately 50% greater thickness than Type “M”.

LDO – Lint, Dust, and Oil

LH – Left Hand

LP – Liquid Propane. A fuel for gas water heaters.

Laminar Flow – Streamline flow in a fluid near a solid boundary

Laminated Glass – Glass that has been made by uniting layers of glass in order to strengthen the glass.

Langelier’s Index – A calculated number used to predict whether or not a water will precipitate, be in equilibrium with, or dissolve calcium carbonate. It is sometimes erroneously assumed that any water that tends to dissolve calcium carbonate is automatically corrosive.

Lateral Sewage Line – A sewage line that connects one sewage pipe with another.

Laundry Tray / Tub – Very deep sink used in a laundry room for soaking or washing clothing.

Lav – Lavatory

Lavatory Tube – Water supply tube for lavatory

Leach Field – Porous soil area, through which septic tank leach lines run, emptying the treated waste.

Leach Lines – Pipes that carry effluent from the septic system out to the leach field.

Lean Mixture – An air-gas mixture that contains more air than needed for complete combustion of the gas.

Leader Pipe – Pipe carrying rainwater to the ground or sewer.

Linen – A legal right to hold another’s property, or to have it sold, or applied for payment of a claim, especially to satisfy a debt.

Liner Release – A written document from the contractor to the owner that releases the Lien, Mechanic’s or Material following its satisfaction.

Linen Waiver – A written document from a contractor or material supplier having lien rights against an owner’s property that relinquishes all or part of those rights.

Life Cycle Labs – A place where water heaters are tested at an accelerated rate to simulate life expectancies.

Light Duty – Small commercial applications

Limit Stop – Faucet control unit used to adjust maximum water temperature.

Lock Nut – Nut fitted into a piece of pipe and screwed onto another pipe to join the two pieces.

Low Consumption Toilet – A class of toilet designed to flush using 1. 6 gallons of water or less. Also known as “Water-saving” toilets.


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