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Homeowners face a lot of potential home improvement projects. From the master bath to the kitchen and down to the basement, there is no lack of room for plumbing problems, and the need for plumbing repair.

In the Bathroom

Because of their constant use, bathrooms tend to be a common place for issues. Toilets can overflow, sinks can back up, bathtubs can crack, peel, or leak. Shower wall tiles can chip, caulking can wear out, and faucets and valves can leak or drip. Bathroom vanities and toilets need proper plumbing and maintenance to work correctly. Whether you notice a problem, or simply want to update the look of your bathroom with a new sink vanity, shower, tub or faucets, Garner Plumbing Services, Inc. can help.

In the Kitchen

From the appliances to the fixtures and plumbing, kitchens need to be treated with care in order to keep running smoothly for the life of your home. From low water pressure to leaking icemaker lines and faulty garbage disposals, catching problems early and getting them fixed can save you big headaches and expensive replacement costs.


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