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ULF – Ultra Low Flush. Widely used description of 1. 6 gpf or less toilets.

UNC – Unified National Coarse Thread. A standard kind of coarse straight thread used on fittings, nuts, and bolts. Not for pipes.

UNF – UnifiedNational Fine Thread. A standard kind of fine straight thread used on fittings, buts, and bolts. Not for pipes.

Ultracoil – True double wall heat exchanger.

Uni-flex – One piece stop and riser combination. One-piece supply.

Uniformity Coefficient – A measure of the variation in particle sizes of ion exchange resins and filter media. It is defined as the ratio of the size of particle that has 60 percent of the material finer than itself, to the size of the particle that has 10 percent finer than itself.

Union – Three piece fitting that joins two sections of pipe, but allows them to be disconnected without cutting the pipe. Used primarily with steel pipe; never in a DWV system.

Universal Plumbing Code – A system of procedures designed to provide consumers with safe and sanitary plumbing systems and used throughout the United States by local jurisdictions.

Urinal – A plumbing fixture which receives only liquid body waste and conveys the waste through a trap seal into a gravity drainage system.

Urinal Strainers – Refers to a domed metal piece fastened to the bottom of an urinal to prevent debris from plugging the trapway of the unit.

Usable Storage – Percentage of hot water that can be drawn from a tank before the temperature drops to a point that it is no longer considered hot.

Utility Sink – Deep fixed basin, supplied with hot and cold water, which is used for rinsing of mops, disposal of cleaning water.


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Source: “Plumbing Terms” Standard Plumbing Supply. 11 Sept. 2008


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